Asking for forgiveness

2 min readNov 7, 2022


When asking for forgiveness directly or practising it in the mind like in the case of Hoponopono it would be ideal to be specific about what we are asking for and to whom we are asking

Here is a useful list of what we should ask forgiveness for

Please forgive me for -

  1. Hurting you
  2. Disturbing your peace of mind
  3. Scaring you
  4. Not meeting your expectations
  5. Not being the person you wanted me to be
  6. Not fulfilling your desires
  7. Insulting you
  8. Humiliating you
  9. Ignoring you
  10. Being sarcastic and cynical
  11. Not loving you the way you wanted to be loved
  12. Not praising you enough
  13. Not saying yes to everything you wanted
  14. Not providing you enough material comforts
  15. Disrespecting you
  16. Disrespecting your friends and relatives
  17. Rejecting you
  18. Not listening to you
  19. Not helping you out in the house
  20. Not admiring your tastes
  21. Disagreeing with you

22. Not informing you where I was going

23. Not buying you enough gifts

24. Not surprising you with gifts

25. Not asking you for forgiveness when I was wrong

26. Not forgiving you when you were wrong

27. Shouting and screaming at you

28. Falsely accusing you

29. Belittling you

30. Not considering you as my equal

31. Making you feel inferior

32. Not encouraging your talents

33. Being impatient with you

34. Treating you unfairly and unjustly

35. Criticising you in front of others

36. Making you the butt of jokes

37. Not stopping others making fun of you

38. Correcting your pronunciation in front of others

39. Revealing your ignorance to others

40. Ridiculing you

41. Not accepting your weaknesses

42. Not tolerating your past conditioning

43. Not discussing finances with you

44. The many times I have lied to you

45. The many times I have sulked

46. The many times I have not spoken to you

47. Saying no to everything you asked for

48. Forcing you to take up a career you did not want to

49. Talking ill of your friends

50. Not being there for you in times of crises

51. Not being the father/husband/brother/son/friend you aspired for

52. Not lending/giving you money when you wanted it most

53. Being indifferent to you

54. Being negative

55. Being forgetful

56. Scolding you for trivial matters

57. Making inappropriate remarks

58. Cursing you

59. Wishing you harm




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