Healthy habits

1. Eating on time

2. Eating slowly

3. Eating the right quantity based on energy needs

4. Chewing food fully

5. Sleeping and waking up at the same time

6. Exercising daily

7. Fasting periodically

8. Being well hydrated

9. Adequate exposure to sunlight

10. Maintaining proper posture

11. Listening to the body

12. Taking physical symptoms seriously

13. Mindfulness

14. Listening without interrupting

15. Daily reading

16. Meditation

17. Introspection

18. Replying and responding promptly

19. Spending time with nature

20. Moderation in everything

21. Being productive

22. Managing time efficiently

23. Keeping a journal

24. Donating regularly to charity

25. Punctuality

26. Being courteous and respectful

27. Saving and investing

28. Having a daily routine

29. Having regular health checkups

30. Appreciating good work

31. Relaxing at will

32. Being proactive

33. Spending time with oneself

34. Not deciding on critical issues when emotional

35. Having a hobby

36. Playing a sport

37. Enjoying the moment

38. Learning and growing

39. Smiling

40. Delaying gratification

41. Counting your blessings

42. Taking initiative

43. Honouring one’s word

44. Apologising when wrong

45. Allowing emotions their expression

46. Giving our best

47. Not promising what you cannot deliver

48. Not taking anyone for granted

49. Not pointing out other’s mistakes in public

50. Not making people inferior

51. Maintaining a balance between work and leisure

52. Desist from proving others wrong

53. Not postponing important matters


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